New Band of the Day: Franklin Zoo

Franklin Zoo
Franklin Zoo

Copenhagen, Denmark. I’ve been there. It’s nice. Cute mermaid statue and some very pretty streets.

Franklin Zoo also come from there. They play hard rock/grunge. This is also a good thing. Though not necessarily pretty.

They got in touch to see if I’d like to cover a bit of their music and let people know that their new (debut) album is out and about and demands to be listened to. It doesn’t ask politely, no. It demands.

Untamed was released on September 20th to some very positive reviews. Having had the chance of a quick listen, I can see why. It is – quite simply – a damn fine rock record. Hard, heavy, yet melodic. If I had to pick a band that they sounded like, I’d probably go for Soundgarden on a good day.

Production is excellent, and the songs carry enough variety that you’ll not just listen once and chuck it on the “maybe I’ll listen to it again later” pile. For a grunge(-y) band, they definitely throw in a good few soaring bridges and choruses. Actually, listening more there’s an edge of country to a couple of tracks. Don’t take this as a bad thing!

There are plenty of links below to check out some of their older material, as well as a couple off the new album. I’ve included “My Dying Day” for you as it’s on their SoundCloud page and a great introduction to their sound.

Official | facebook | SoundCloud | youtube | twitter

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