New Band of the Day: F.O.E.S.


Crawling out of Liverpool like a four-piece Mersey fog (I thought I was going somewhere with this, but I’ll stop), F.O.E.S. (or Fall Of Every Sparrow to give them their full name) are another cross-genre band. They’re a pleasantly slow, foot-tappy kind of band that are described as “dark alt-rock / post-hardcore” in their blurb.

The single that’s available for free download is a lot less shouty than I’d expect from a post-hardcore band, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it in its own right. There’s quite a light, groovy sound to begin with (I actually thought of The Animals with the opening chords) which builds through the alt-rock mentioned previously into something heavier as the track progresses.

They’re doing well in getting support slots with more well-known bands and you can keep up to date via their facefart page if you want to catch them somewhere.

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