New Band of the Day: Eyes Set To Kill

Eyes Set To Kill
Eyes Set To Kill

With 1.25m “Likes” on their facefart page, it’s obvious that Eyes Set To Kill aren’t a new band just setting out on their journey through the music system. They are, though, new to me so qualify for this category.

They’re a slightly unusual band as far as setup goes. One person, Alexia, does vocals, guitars and keyboards in the studio. Another, Cisko, does screams in the studio and takes on guitar duties for live shows. They’re complemented by Anissa on bass and Caleb on drums/samples.

Soundwise, they class themselves as “rock/metal” which is as vague as saying they’re, you know, a band. I’d go for maybe… post-hardcore / alternative. Certainly, they manage to be both quite heavy and very easy to listen to at the same time.

The band was formed in Tempe, Arizona in 2006 and they have five full album releases to their name including the most recent (as of last month), Masks.

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