New Band of the Day: Dead City Ruins

Dead City Ruins
Dead City Ruins

Michelle wrote to me to plug the band Dead City Ruins. She told me that “‘Dead City Ruins’ are an incredible, independent, original Australian metal / hard rock band, supporting Ugly Kid Joe & Skid Row on their UK, European tour, getting great feedback & winning new fans with every gig.

They’ve done it all on their own so far, with a brilliant new album just released, they’re real characters & would be good interview subjects I’m sure!”

She even sent some media blurb:

“…Dead City Ruins are the real deal. They rock & they rock hard.” – Loudmag, Australia
“The antics of DCR are a welcome reminder of all that rock ‘n’ roll was and should be. Call it balls … call it whatever you want, they are undeniably exciting to watch” – Tonedeaf, Australia

But the best thing – the best thing by far – was that she was, to some extent, wasting her time. Because I saw them opening for Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe on Friday night. I just haven’t had the time to write the review yet. What Michelle did do was make me move them up the list for NBotD (a list which has grown ridiculously long since I moved Twitter address to @MoshTimes for some reason!) and get them up today.

That second paragraph “…done it all on their own” reminds me that both headliners at the weekend made a point of stating that Dead City Ruins had got themselves over from Australia, were funding their own transport, were sorting their own accommodation, were doing it all on their own.

They weren’t wasting their time either. I won’t gig review here – I’ll get that written properly when I have the time – but they were perfectly suited to the acts they were opening for. I’m only annoyed that I had no idea they were playing as I might have tried to get an interview at the venue.

Dead City Ruins are just a classic hard rock band. Like Skid Row back when they started, like so many others. They’re taking a classic formula that has absolutely nothing wrong with it, and … doing whatever it is you do to formulae without changing them, but doing it well. I won’t even hold the fact that they’re Australian against them ;)

Their [amazon text=self-titled debut album&chan=default&asin=B00G39N810] is out now, and there’s a ton of other places where you can hear/see samples of their work. Get clicking!

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