New Band of the Day: Countess

Definitely not a “new” band, but one I don’t think I’ve heard of before are Countess from the Netherlands. The name seems vaguely familiar, but they were kind enough to drop me a line and I check out their material so I could, in turn, tell you how good they are.

countess-192Countess have been doing the rounds since 1992. They class themselves as “Orthodox Black Metal” which, I gather, means they’re true black metal. The original type, not one of the sub-genre offshoots. They cite their influences as the likes of Venom and Bathory… as I said, proper black metal.

They’ve released a very impressive (and not at all unlucky) thirteen full albums, and also a recent EP – Sermons of the Infidel – from which the sample track below is taken. Well, they call it an EP, but it’s got eight tracks of decent length so I’d be prepared to qualify it as an album. Either way, you can listen to and purchase it from their bandcamp page.

At present they’re working on full album number fourteen (Ancient Lies and Battle Cries). In other words, you’ve got a nice back catalogue to plough through and new stuff coming up as well, if you decide you like them.

Countess: official | facebook | youtube | bandcamp | blogspot

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