New Band of the Day: As Gods

As Gods
As Gods

Definitely in the heavy rock rather than metal camp (not that that’s a bad thing) are As Gods. Hailing from sunny wet kind of damp, but overall not a bad place Bristol, they’re a five piece who aren’t afraid to mix things up a little.

Formed in 2008, they’ve got one EP out (Crystalline) with a new single due for release on the 14th of this month – in fact, you can check it out below.

Skipping from heavy riffs to melodic near-acoustic segments, angry vocals to harmonies, they manage to stay toe-tapping whilst getting the head going in tandem with the noisier bits.

You can check out the whole EP on bandcamp, like them on facefart and revel in the joys of well-presented web-pagery on their official site.

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