New Band of the Day: Arhythmia


I’m posting about Arhythmia on the suggestion of Brian, who saw them supporting Biohazard the other night. Unfortunately, due to family reasons, I couldn’t get to the Glasgow gig (big long drive back from Legoland Windsor and the associated sleepless nights with excited kids) so I’ll have to take his word for it that they were “superb”, “top blokes” and “from Italy”.

Hum. I suppose the last one didn’t need to be in quotes, did it?

Thankfully, they have a facefart page that linked me to various resources so I could find out if they’re actually any good or if Bri was just wasted.

They class themselves as “alternative metal” and that normally conjures up images of young bands trying to bridge the gap between metal and pop. Or it’s another name for metalcore or amateuristic prog. Arhythmia, after a brief listen seem to be a bit metalcore (vocals, lyrics), and a bit mathcore (arhythmic, like their name). And a bit thrash. And a bit funk/rap. They are, though, most definitely “really heavy” (that’s Bri again).

If you do like their sounds, they have two EPs (one only out since the end of September) and a full album, Awake, to get your teeth into.

Further information can be gathered from their official website.

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