Monolith Cult live video

Monolith Cult
Monolith Cult

Featured as New Band of the Day in July, Monolith Cult are a heavy, doomy bunch of buggers (and possibly buggerers) from West Yorkshire. They’ve just unleashed a live video from the Roadhouse in Manchester – a venue I last attended back in around 1995 to see Die Toten Hosen.

I had an interview with the lead singer, but it was after the gig and he was wasted. The resultant material was utterly unbroadcastable on UK radio due to content which is a hell of a shame as it was a very revealing bit of chatter. And amongst the tapes I lost so never got the chance to transcribe it for the web page. Boo.

Anyway, Monolith Cult. I was pointed at the video by their bassist along with the message “Give this a listen if you like HEAVY. Enjoy”. He ain’t wrong.

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