New Band of the Day: The Unhallowed

The Unhallowed
The Unhallowed

The Unhallowed class themselves simply as “Metal” which is fair enough. Hailing from Murmansk in NW Russia, they formed in 2003 and have gone through a couple of line-up changes over the years. They’re currently a six-piece featuring two vocalists, and one guy (Damien T.G.) who’s credited as doing both drums and guitars. Interesting to see that live…

There are elements of prog in their sound with one or two songs featuring slightly off-kilter rhythm changes, and the vocals range from death growling to more traditional male and female ranges. It’s an unusual melding of death and near-melodic in places… but isn’t quite melodic death.

Their catalogue currently consists of three releases – one EP and two albums. The most recent, Chaingenesis, came out in 2012 and is not a bad listen at all. It’s an album that really has to be listened to (i.e. not just background music) to appreciate.

Unfortunately their facefart page hasn’t been updated for a while – I’m hoping this is because they’re working on something new!

The track below is from their previous album, Philosophy of a Cornered One, as I can’t find any of the recent stuff on YouTube!

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