New Band of the Day: The End

The End
The End

Svartblod emailed me a few days ago to tell me about his solo project, The End. They/he have just released an EP, You Made The Rain Disappear, through Hammerkrieg Productions. This is an example of one of the multitude of Indian artists who’ve managed to get exposure outside of their home country. Given the quality of the Indian bands I’ve covered on here, long may this trend grow.

Despite an “official” release, the EP is a free download from BandCamp via the band’s page there.

So, what would you be downloading? Well, you know how black metal is supposed to be dark? Black, in fact? Well, check out The End’s facebook “About” page and you’ll find that under “Influences” are:

darkness,depression,suicidal thoughts,extreme sadness and melancholy

So, erm, yeah. Pretty black.

I’d actually rank it as more atmospheric than anything else. The fast metal sections are interspersed with haunting and depressing keyboard segments, and the tracks are almost completely instrumental.

Hey, it’s a free download so why not give it a try? It’s perfect listening for Friday the 13th, before engaging in a horror movie marathon!


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