New Band of the Day: Temple of Void

Temple of Void - Demo MMXIII
Temple of Void – Demo MMXIII

Detroit is one of the most depressing cities in the US at the moment, from what I hear. They’re in that annoying gap between economic failure and OCP moving in to provide jobs and wipe all the crime away with their cybernetic police force.

Crawling from the depression is Temple of Void. Five guys playing music that, if you weren’t already upset about the world, would have you staring into the bleakness with your eyes tearing.

They’ve just releases a three-track demo, Demo MMXIII, which is available from their bandcamp page on a “pay what you like” basis for download. A CD copy will set you back a whopping $3. And they even have tape. Tape!

For a demo, the production qualities are high and if you like your doom/death doomy and deathy then they’re worth a listen. If you download the album, throw them some cash for beer. Or say something nice on their facefart page. Fuck knows they need cheering up.

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