New Band of the Day: Rainover

Rainover (Spain)
Rainover (Spain)

Rainover hail from Murcia in Spain. Their chosen specialist subject is Playing Gothic Metal and Looking Cool In Black Clothes. They have one album already out – Crystal Tears released in 2008 and under their previous name of Remembrances – and a second due out shortly called Transcending the Blue and Drifting into Rebirth.

While their influences very definitely lie with bands such as Paradise Lost, Within Temptation and others it’s clear that Rainover have a style all of their own. In places much more dreamy and ethereal than most other bands of the ilk who I’ve listened to.

Andrea Casanova’s (now there is a Spanish name, if ever I heard one) has a very easy voice to listen to, and the music doesn’t drown her out as can often be the case with female-led rock bands.

My only issue is the lack of material online to embed here for you to listen to! Their YouTube channel only has a single video, the first three minutes of which are a scary guy in clown make-up being creepy in Spanish. So I’ve put it below, but it should auto-skip to the good (i.e. musical!) bit. The band themselves got in touch to point me at a new video they just uploaded today which features “Rebirth” from the new album, in full. So I’ve swapped the weird clown video for this one instead!

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