New Band of the Day: Raging Age

Raging Age
Raging Age

Italian death metal oozes out of the speakers today with Raging Age of Bari. Formed in 2011, released a self-funded EP in 2012 and a full length album in 2013. No messing about!

The album’s called Regions of Sorrow and it’s a belter. Seriously, from the opening fraction of a second of track 1, “Cerberus”, you know this is going to be good stuff. Fast, heavy, loud and unrelenting.

While undeniably death metal, there’s a huge thrash influence in some of the tracks. This makes it quite an accessible listen for those who like to dabble in either genre. Great production as well.

As ever, you can find out more on their facefart page which seems to be updated nice and regularly.

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