New Band of the Day: Norhod


From Italy spring forth Norhod, a symphonic death band who could be worth a few minutes of your time – maybe more.

They formed in 2009, but went through various line-up changes until stabilising in 2011. Finally they were able to go into the studio and record the material they had been working on. The resulting EP, Arianrhod, was released in March 2012.

This EP did well enough to catch the attention of WormholeDeath Records who picked the band up and financed their debut full length release, The Blazing LillyIt will be hitting shelves and… whatever the digital version of shelves is on October 7th.

If you’re into your symphonic metal then they’re an easy band to get into. The “growl” vocals which run in tandem with the more operatic female lead work well and set them apart from many other bands in the genre. They’re that bit heavier without losing the core sound.

The band only wrapped on their first “proper” video on July 30th (info courtesy of their facefart page), so you’ll have to make do with a lyric video in the meantime.

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