New Band of the Day – Kyllian


Once again, something very different. Another one-person act, this time it’s a “dark ambient-dsbm-experimental” effort, according to their facefart profile.

I had to Google “DSBM”. Assuming it’s not “Diploma of School Business Management”, that leads to the alternative “depressive suicidal black metal” which is certainly far closer to the tracks I’ve heard.

As the term “ambient” implies, Kyllian’s tunes are more scene-setting than traditionally music. Industrial tones and beats mixed with creepy sound effects and audio samples (gurgles, creaks, screams, speech…) make for some tracks which wouldn’t feel out of place backing a horror game. Listen to one of these next time you’re playing F.E.A.R.3 and you’ll see what I mean.

Hell, he’s even done a track called “The Slenderman”.

There are plenty of examples of Kyllian’s work on their/his SoundCloud page and a ton more on bandcamp. Definitely not “easy listening” by any definition, but creative and horrific which should appeal to some of the more twisted minds out there.

Yes. I’m looking at you when I say that. You freak.

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