New Band of the Day: Indica

Indica (2013)
Indica (2013)

OK, so I’ve covered plenty of female fronted bands. Here’s an extension of that – a fully female band. Yes, I’ve covered one or two before (Girls, Girls, Girls spring to mind), but I think this is the first non-cover act.

Indica were “discovered” by Tuomas of Nightwish and have managed one platinum and and two golds in their home country of Finland. They formed in 2001 and released their first album in 2003 (Ikuinen Virta). It went platinum.

They’ve since release four more albums (none quite as successful as the first) and have another due out next year.

Now, their description ranges from “pop/rock” to “mystic romantic pop” to “symphonic metal”. Quite a range. Having had a listen to some of their stuff, they’re definitely “rock” enough to warrant being on this page.

What impresses me most is the wide range of instruments they use. Some are part of their sound, others are dropped in for a track here or there.

They’re all over social media, all of which is linked from the “Info” page of their facefart profile.

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