New Band of the Day: Death Of All Gods

Different Ways of Feeling Pain
Different Ways of Feeling Pain

Italy seems to produce a surprising number of good acts that we never hear of. And you can add Death Of All Gods to that unappreciated heap – hopefully they’ll appeal to your ear-holes enough to escape obscurity.

Happily ensconced in the genre of “death metal”, they’ve been peddling death since 2009. Starting off playing covers of Cannibal Corpse songs, they started writing their own material and released an EP in 2010. This did the rounds and earned them enough respect (and cash!) to be able to record a full album, Different Ways Of Feeling Pain.

This is a damn fine death metal album. It doesn’t try too hard to be fast or brutal, it just is. In fact, I would say that in places it pays a bit of respect to a more hardcore sound with some slower, heavier beats before launching back into a full frontal assault on your face.

Definitely worth a listen and they have a few tracks up on YouTube. The one below is the first track on the album. As ever, keep up to date with release dates and stuff via their facefart page that they seem to update quite a bit.

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