New Band of the Day: Damn Dice

Damn Dice
Damn Dice

For those of you who think that a good rock song needs nothing more than a beat, some guitars, cheesy vocals and a smidgen of eyeliner I bring you… Damn Dice from the more neon-lit areas of London (I think).

Sadly, their facefart page doesn’t have much info beyond the fact that they’re from London and that they’re doing very well for themselves. However, what’s important is the music (and how spiky/bleached their hair is) and we’re A-OK on all those fronts!

Their debut EP, Wild ‘n’ Ready, is out on October 21st and I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of a copy a few weeks early to listen to. It’s quality hard glam rock and if this genre is remotely on your radar you should be paying attention to these guys.

I’d liken them more to Crüe than Poison – they’re a bit heavier than Brett and the boys. The songs are fast-paced, and from the get-go with “Bang Your Head” you know what you’re in for. Their live show is apparently a sight (and sound) to behold as well.

The only thing I’d say they’re missing is an acoustic ballad, but I’m sure they’re just saving it for their second release…

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October 2, 2017 9:47 PM

[…] “It’s quality Hard Rock!” – “You should be paying attention to these guys!… […]