New Band of the Day: Bukowski Family

Bukowski Family
Bukowski Family

Unusual name for a band, but it makes sense when you know a bit more about them and their lyrical content.

The Bukowski Family consists of Frank, Wiktor, Roman, “Mimi”, Piggy and Fats. They play death metal and their lyrics are all about lovely things like killing people. And eating them. And stuff. Imagine if Leatherface‘s family were Hungarian and decided to pick up some electric guitars and write a musical.

They really are pretty grim, so I’m sure will appeal to a lot of you sick fuckers out there. There’s no shortage of material to slop over your head like multiple buckets of offal courtesy of four EPs. The most recent, Unpleasantries Abundant, was released earlier this year.

If you’re into your grisly horror then I urge you to check them out, especially their facefart profile which has a nice back story for them. I’ve opted for an older video as it’s actually a bit of film. Their most recent is actually worth checking out as well, though it’s a lyric video so doesn’t quite show them up as the twisted bastards they are as well as the one below.

Oh, and their official site is well worth a look as well.

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