New Band of the Day: Armagedon

Armagedon - Thanatology
Armagedon – Thanatology

Yes, I know that’s not how you spell “Armageddon” in everyday conversation. However, the band Armagedon are a Polish extreme metal outfit so they’re allowed to tweak with things if they want to. Do note, that other Armagedons exist – about seven of them according to the ever-useful Encyclopaedia Metallum.

As with several of the acts I’ve covered, they’re not a “new new” band, but they’re new to me. In fact, the blurb I received about them describes them as “Polish extreme metal legends” so it seems I’ve been missing out!

The forthcoming (October) Thanatology will be their third full release, four years after their last (Death Then Nothing) and a massive twenty years since their debut, Invisible Circle. The track embedded below, “Vultures”, is the first song from the new one.

The band actually took a break from 1994 to 2006, which likely explains the small number of released. They’r certainly capable of writing some good stuff going by what I’ve heard.

Give the new track a listen, and if you like it then definitely keep your eyes open for the album coming next month. More information can be found on their facefart page, and on their own official website which has some really nice graphic work, but is mainly in Polish.

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