New Band of the Day: Wall of the Eyeless

Walls of the Eyeless - Wimfolsfestta
Walls of the Eyeless – Wimfolsfestta

Russia and Sweden join forces today. Not to produce some kind of vodka-fuelled flat-packed furniture delivery system (though there’s a gap in the market if anyone wants to fill it), but to unleash Wall of the Eyeless upon us.

The “genre” list on their facefart page looks like someone’s just ticked a random selection of a dozen boxes. So, thanks for making it hard for me to pigeon-hole you, guys. To help, they’ve defined themselves thus: “Crepuscular progressive death fucking metal with various influences, solos, use of acoustic guitar.”

I actually had to look up the word “crepuscular“. It means that something is to do with twilight and I’m very glad to say that’s a lower case “t” and nothing involving sparkly fucking vampires.

An early demo released in 2011 received some good press and led to the recording and release of their current EP, Wimfolsfestta, earlier this year. It’s four tracks, but runs for 27 minutes and you can stream the whole thing on bandcamp (or SoundCloud or MetalDemos or StereoKiller) Or you can check out the single track I have selected for your listening pleasure below.

It’s a genuine hard-to-pin-down mix, as much as that earlier shotgun spray of genres indicates. Definitely black metal. But slow and doomy in places. And, yes, the appearance of some less traditional instruments does lead to the justification of the tag “prog”.

As ever, the best way to decide is to listen for yourself. And if you like it, spread it. Pass the files to friends, send them the links. The band have made it clear that their music is for sharing. If you fancy a piece of potential history, you can get a CD from their official store.

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