New Band of the Day: Triddana


In the beginning there was Skiltron… well, actually, in the beginning was Century which became Skiltron, but anyway. In 2011, four members of Skiltron left the band leaving just the two founder members to soldier on, as they so ably have.

The four who left formed Triddana, a band similar musically to its forebear. So if you like folk metal then you should give them a shot. Drafting in a chap called Ranz to sit on the drummer’s stool they’ve managed to turn out one EP and a full album, Ripe for Rebellion, in 2012.

Below you can check out “The Beginning” from that album and decide whether they’re on a par with the band which spawned them. Frankly, there can’t be too much Skiltron-esque music for me so another band going down the same path just means more quality tunes.

As ever, check them out on facefart for more information.

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