New Band of the Day: They Say Fall

They Say Fall - Enigma
They Say Fall – Enigma

They say it’s good to have friends in high places and, frankly, there’s nothing higher than having your band featured on these hallowed pages. Yeah, OK, I’m polishing my own gilded turdlilly here, but deal with it.

After seeing their mates The Sun Explodes being emblazoned on this very site for the world to see, They Say Fall first experienced a deep sensation of jealousy then sudden realisation that they, too, could benefit from the sudden influx of cash, fame and hot chicks* that would deluge upon them should they have a NBotD article written about them.

And so, thus, and therefore I was sent resources aplenty from which erupted these words which seem to be praising myself more than their band. Which is grossly unfair as they’re a hell of a lot more talented than I am.

They class themselves as “rock/post-hardcore”, but there’s a hell of a lot mixed together to get their sound. Their influences are incredibly eclectic (RatM, Dillinger Escape Plan, Blink-182 and Justin Timberlake(!) amongst many others) and all of these seems to have had some genuine part in steering the musical direction.

Vocals range from harsh to melodic, guitars from clean to dirty, rhythm from head-noddy to near-mathcore levels of tempo change. There is simply no obvious pattern within a track and yet it all hinges together as one fluid unit that somehow naturally flows from one part to the next.

A hell of a trick to pull off, but they’ve done it.

Live performances have received good reviews as well, so if you get the chance to see them then you should be in for a treat. They have plenty of justified chest-beating on their facefart page in the “About” section.

The video below is the first single from their recently-released album, Enigma.

Oh, I almost forgot that it’s tradition for me to take the piss out of where a band are from. But seeing as these guys are from Lincolnshire it’s far too easy a target so I’ll let them off.

* Please note that neither cash nor fame nor hot chicks are guaranteed if you have a NBotD article written about you. But if you do get them, then share the wealth, eh?

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