New Band of the Day: Soldier

Soldier - Dogs of War
Soldier – Dogs of War

I do listen to you guys, you know? Courtesy of Callum, here’s a band I hadn’t heard of before: Soldier. Their subtitle “NWOBHM” should clue you in to what to expect from them…

From what I can gather, the band were formed in 1979(!) by guitarist Ian Alan Dick. However, the current line-up is made up of members who’ve joined within the last decade (most in the last 2-3 years) as the group disbanded in 1983 and reformed just after the turn of the century.

Given the fact that they can claim to be NWOBHM (look it up…) and the locations they’ve played in their live videos, it’s safe to assume they’re from somewhere within these hallowed isles. neither their facefart page nor their official page are any help here, but a trip to Encyclopaedia Metallum resolved this issue and pointed me at darkest Northampton.

No wonder they weren’t telling anyone.

Unusually, their only album release in their original incarnation was a live one. Since reforming with a predominantly new line-up they’ve released two full-length studio efforts. 2005’s Sins of the Warrior and Dogs of War released earlier this year.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back in time to a day when music was… well, just better. That’s what makes Soldier so good. Rather than seeming as if there’s been a thirty year gap in their history, their music comes across as if they’re just continuing where they left off. As a result, we’re getting new songs in the style they’d have been belted out in 1983.

Can anyone tell me how that could possibly be a bad thing?

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