Saturday, September 19, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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New Band of the Day: Seed of Sorrow

Seed of Sorrow

Seed of Sorrow

I do seem to hit the north of England a bit when I’m covering new bands (which is great because, as we know, it’s God’s country because Alan Shearer lives there). Today we head north even further to the highlands of Scotland, where men are real men despite wearing skirts. Because nobody dare tell them how daft they look in a frock because they also know how to swing a claymore.

Nick, the guitarist with Seed of Sorrow, dropped me a line to check his band out and I’m hoping he has a sense of humour… Seed of Sorrow are based in Inverness which isn’t really the Highlands anyway, as it has buildings and electricity and stuff.

They class themselves as “heavy metal”, but as the comments on their facefart bio (and a listen to their EP) will tell you they are definitely more in the “death metal” sub-genre. The “heavy” is still apt, though. Very much so.

Definitely music that should be listened to with decent headphones or speakers to make the most of the bass. The variety in the handful of tracks is good – too many of the heavier bands fall into the trap of just going overboard and ending up with albums-worth of materials that all sounds the bloody same. Definitely not so for Seed of Sorrow.

It wasn’t easy to pick a track to embed for this very reason so … erm… I picked one at random. You can listen to them all on their SoundCloud page, but in the meantime here’s “Human Scum”.

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