New Band of the Day: Reverted


A Twitter follow is often all it takes for me to notice you’re in a band and to follow back. Then stalk you on facebook. And look for other stuff about you on the internet. Do some digging into your history. Nose around to see if you’re worth paying more attention to.

So being in a band is much like being a hot twenty-something who uses semi-clothed images for her profile pictures.

In this case, the lucky stalkees are Reverted, four chaps from Camden in London with not a single bikini photo between them. What they do have are two singles and an album, three years experience as a band and their own website which makes it easy for me to stalk find more out about them.

They’re a hard rock / metal band with a very rhythm-led feel to them. A quick look through their facefart bio tells me that someone else has already compared them to Soundgarden and Alice in Chains which is a pain in the arse as that’s what I was going to go with. Still, it’s true and at least I’m being honest enough to say it wasn’t me that got there first.

The track below is from their album Sputter the Worms and you can hear more from it on their ReverbNation page (which I can’t embed on here, sorry).

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