New Band of the Day: Plague Throat

Plague Throat

Ah, back to India. Land of heat, curry, 16-hour train journey delays, people who stand up on a flight as soon as the wheels have touched the ground, the Taj Mahal, the Mehrangarh Fort, and a staggering number of great metal bands who I’ve never heard of.

Well, add another to the list of bands I have heard of as Ajayah emailed me and asked me to check out Plague Throat. They’re a three-piece from a place called Shillong and they play death metal. No sub-genres, no buggering about. Death fucking metal.

The track in the video beneath is a single released to promote their forthcoming 4-track EP, An Exordium To Contagion. It’s out on August 8th and can be pre-ordered from Incanned Productions. Frankly, if the whole is as good as “Sinking Higher” then it’s definitely one to throw a few Rupees at.

Do note that currently it is just that – 200 Rupees plus 100Rp in delivery. I’m hoping/assuming that a downloadable version will be available too for the international audience!

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