New Band of the Day: Onnírica

Onnírica - The End
Onnírica – The End

Brazil can lay claim to some excellent bands and the obvious one to cite is Sepultura. Coming from the same city, Belo Horizonte, is a melodic metal group called Onnírica. I really need to find out how to pronounce that!

Guitarist Leles dropped me a line and asked me to check out the band’s 3-track EP and I’m glad he did. All the tracks are strong, memorable and original. Having been together since 2001 (or shortly after) the core of Leles and bassist Rodrigo Muniz know how to write a good song!

Originally going under the name Dragon’s Breath, the band changed to Onnírica around 2006 and were joined with a third now-current member Tiago Faria in 2009 to play live and record some songs.

Rounding off the current line-up are Thiago Rabello on drums and various guests on vocals. The overall sound at times makes me think of something like Iron Maiden on speed with added twiddly bits. With the addition of piano/keyboards, there’s more of a melodic/symphonic sound. It all blends together well.

Enjoy the track below, and find them on their facefart page (though it helps if you speak Portuguese or have Google Translate to hand!)

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