New Band of the Day: Noesis

Noesis seem to have been cropping up a bit recently, with a few people I know mentioning it on facefart and the like. In particular, Katy who messaged me to say “check them out”. Which I did. So here they are.


There is very little about them on their facefart page, but thankfully a handful of links to videos/songs on YouTube which is the main thing. Sadly this means I can’t rip the piss out of their hometown as I don’t know where it is so I’m going to have to actually concentrate on the music for a change. Eek.

They’re definitely “melodic death”, a genre I only discovered existed a few months ago despite listening to bands who play it for a long time (Soilwork‘s Stabbing The Drama is epic, for instance).

One thing I did pick up is a use of effects (probably just pedals – I’m no actual musician) which gives some of the tracks a very unique vibe. Listen to “The Realm of Altruism” below around the 2:45 point for an example. Vocals vary from traditional death style to something that reminded me of Souls of Black-era Chuck Billy.

It’s refreshing to hear someone taking a new stab at a now-established genre and Noesis have managed that. Listen, and if you enjoy them, give them a like or a thumbs up or whatever.

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