New Band of the Day: Knights

Not of the Round Table variety

For the record, I will forever pronounce the word “Knights” as “cuhniguts”. Blame Monty Python. This particular metal-clad bunch are from north-east England (well, York and Darlington which just about qualify). They describe their music as punk, melodic hardcore, metalcore and a few other things.

In fairness, it’s very hard to pick a genre these days – which is often a good thing – and I’d not say they’re wrong with any of the ones they’ve mentioned between their facefart and bandcamp profiles. They’ve dipped their toes into various mucky musical puddles to produce an 8-track album which you can download for whatever price you like via the bandcamp page.

The album is heavy as several Hells all in one lead-lined steel box, dropped corner on onto your toe. Pretty heavy, basically.

I can’t find anything by them on YouTube and I can’t embed stuff from bandcamp (I really need to investigate that or change themes), so do give the stuff a listen directly there or via the “Music” link at the top of their facefart profile.

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