New Band of the Day: Joyless Jokers

Joyless Jokers
Joyless Jokers

Today is the day that I realised that I could read Italian press releases without resorting to Google Translate. I am very pleased with myself. I have Joyless Jokers to that for this. I’d not have made the effort if it wasn’t for them and the fact that I really need to tell you how good they are.

They’re a melodic death band hailing from north-east Italy. Originally formed in 2006, their current line-up was completed with the addition of members four and five in 2008. In 2010 they released their first EP, Arms of Darkness to high public acclaim.

2012 brought the release of a full album, Taste of Victory. All of the tracks are available on their YouTube channel and I’ve done the usual and picked one out for you to check out below.

If your Italian is up to scratch, you can keep up to date via their facefart page. Otherwise, their web page seems to be more English-friendly.

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