New Band of the Day: Reptilian Death

Reptilian Death – erm… yeah.

Yeah, OK. So I didn’t know of any Indian bands and now I’ve got a pile of them to go through. Not a bad thing when there’s so much quality there.

Reptilian Death have been around since 2001, so plenty of time to develop their sound. Well, I say “their”. RD are somewhat like Annihilator in that it’s pretty much one guy and a bunch of session musicians used for live shows. Demonstealer (which is a bit catchier than “Jeff Waters“, to be fair) is the core guy in this case, and has been quite quiet since 2008. According to their/his facefart page, 2013 is the year of the comeback.

In fact, a new album – The Dawn of Consummation and Emergence – was released earlier this year and seems to have had some good reviews. The tagline on the fb page says it all, though – “Available in Music Stores Across India”. Thankfully, the wonder that it is the interwebnet superhighway means that people outside of the country can also listen to and buy music that otherwise would be country-locked for what’s most likely financial reasons.

Oh, the important thing though. Is it actually any good?

That’s always down to individual taste, but as ever there’s a track below and if you dig you can find the whole album on YouTube. Personally, I’m impressed and again I’m left wondering what Indian bands have to do to get a contract so they can gain some publicity outside of their home nation.

On the other hand, some good work with social media and decent marketing means that bands don’t necessarily need the “help” of a record label any more. Here’s hoping Reptilian Death get more of a foothold internationally and start releasing material more often than every five years!

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