New Band of the Day: Razorwyre


We’re heading to upside-down land for today’s band. Not the country full of kangaroo-chasing, cork-hat-wearing Fosters drinker, but their neighbours who shag sheep. Originally playing under the name Gaywyre (that’s what it says on the press release…) since 2008, they changed their name in 2010 to the slightly less unusual Razorwyre.

They come from the south island, so probably know loads of Hobbits and things. Maybe a Balrog or two. Certainly the call of the orcs can be heard in their very 80’s influenced thrash sound.

Another Dimension is eleven tracks of good old-fashioned heavy/speed metal. They don’t set out to innovate, but to continue on with and polish this existing genre.

Having said that, the attached track – “Nightblade” – starts off sounding far more like a Killers-era Iron Maiden track. Which is not bad thing.

As ever, you can get some more info and links to other material on their facefart page.

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