New Band of the Day: Memories (UK)

Memories (UK)

A member of the band followed me randomly on Twitter and the next thing I know I’m checking them out on facefart. Based in Birmingham (the one in the middle of England, not the one in Alabama which I know even less about), they play “Metal / Hardcore / Alternative” according to their facefart page.

I’d say think somewhere around the BFMV side of things and you’d not be far off, though with more of a hardcore edge. I’d not class them as a pure hardcore band, though, as the songs are so varied.

There are five members, and I’m not sure if this means there are two vocalists. Certainly there are typical harsher hardcore vocals as well as “proper” singing. There’s also a bit of keyboard thrown in there, mainly as part of the occasional intro/outro.

Pretty impressive stuff. Toe-tappingly good when you’re sat at the computer listening. Shout-along-to stuff when you’re in the car. I can see them going down well live as well.

If the track below appeals, then you could do a lot worse than download both of their EPs for free via BandCamp.

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