New Band of the Day: Hammerhead

Hammerhead – Faster than Ligntning

A very young thrash band from BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg for those not up on their European abbreviations – Netherlands = Holland (sort of) for those even further out of touch), who are named for a Flotsam & Jetsam song.

By “young” I mean that the band themselves haven’t been together long – since the end of 2010. Also, given that the founding members were 11 and 12 back then, they qualify as probably the youngest band members I’ve featured to date. Impressed to see that they still manage to list “beer” amongst the “band interests” on their facefart page. Well, this is BeNeLux.

Despite their tender years, they’ve shown some drive by getting an impressive number of gigs under their belts, and a CD is available. Thing is, this isn’t just a novelty based on their age. They’re actually pretty fucking good.

If you like your old-school thrash (offhand they remind me more of Sodom than anything else, for some reason), definitely have a listen. I’ve popped one of their two YouTube tracks below so you’ll see what I mean.

Have I heard the future of metal? Who knows, but at least with kids like these cranking out quality thrash I feel safe that metal has a future.

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