New Band of the Day: Funeral Horse

Funeral Horse

“We’re heavy and slow… so is our music”, this sayeth their facefart page. I can’t comment on the guys themselves, but their music certainly does live up to the claim.

A chap called Walter mailed the page to point me in the direction of this stoner metal band from Houston, so a quick “thank you” to him. Got/know a band that you want featured? Mail me!

Funeral Horse currently have a new EP available for free download with tape copies (Tapes! Love it!) available shortly. For reasons known only to the developers of the theme I use for this blog, I find it nigh-on impossible to embed “iframe” elements, so I can’t put a player below to let you have a listen.

However, if you go to their bandcamp page you can listen to the EP, download it (choose your own price) or order one of the very limited tapes.

They certainly live up to the hype. In fact, the first two words that spring to my mind listening to it are, indeed, “heavy” and “slow” – but not ponderously so. I can almost picture swathes of people with hair over their eyes, wearing black/tie-dyed clothes and nodding slowly to the beat like a crowd of metal zombies. With beer in their hands.

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June 10, 2014 3:18 PM

[…] a year ago, I Funeral Horse got in touch and I featured them as a Band of the Day. Months on and they’re back with a new album, out now, called Sinister Rites of the […]