New Band of the Day: Demona

Demona (2013)
Demona (2013)

This one was pretty much written for me, including the YouTube link! A new act just signed (at the time of writing) to Inferno Records: Demona. I’ll let the press release fill in the blanks as I’m packing for holiday!

Demona started in 2007 as a one-woman project in Chile with Singer/guitarist Tanza. After a couple of demos, the “band” started to get recognition in the underground circuit and Israeli label Israhell Bangers released “Nightmare” on cassette, while German label Iron Bonehead released it as a 7″vinyl EP.

June 2011 saw Tanza moving to Québec, Canada where she recruited musicians to play live shows, but also to give to Demona a complete line-up. After a line-up change, Demona is now composed of Tanza (Guitars/Vocals); Gabrihell (Guitars), Jeff (Bass) and Antoine (Drums). After intense rehearsals, the band recorded its full length album to be released on German labels Dying Victims Prods (CD) and Heavy Forces (Vinyl) in March 2012.

Since then, the band has worked a lot to improve & develop their own personal style of speed metal that should please all die-hard maniacs into bands like Living Death, Vectom, Znowhite, Sentinel Beast to name a few…

The band has recently signed a deal with French label Inferno Records (home of Lady Beast, Elvenstorm, Axecuter, Prime Evil, Death Rides A Horse to name a few) and their new album Speaking With The Devil including 8 songs (+ intro/outro) will see the light of the day before the end of the year on CD/Digi-CD/Cassette & Vinyl! A die-hard version of the cassette (cassette!!!) will be release on Germany’s Destruktion Records too ! Be ready for a new merciless speed metal attack !

For more info on the band: or their facefart page.

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