New Band of the Day: Bhayanak Maut

A first for the NBotD feature – a group from India. Someone posted on the “I fucking love heavy metal” group on facebook recently asking if there were any decent Indian bands, and the first response was for them to check out Bhayanak Maut.

bhayanak-maut-manTheir name, for those who don’t speak Hindi, translates as “Terrible Death”, which is as good a name for a metal band as any I’ve heard. They’re also as good an all-round metal band as any I’ve ever heard.

They apparently started off as a bit of a joke band, just playing for fun and doing lots of covers. Gradually, they developed their own sound (over about ten years) to the point where they are now one of the biggest metal bands in India.

One thing I’ve mentioned before is that Indian (or South Asian, to be more general) people seem to feature very rarely in the line-ups of rock or metal bands. Hell, despite the large number of S.Asian immigrants who’ve settled in the UK, it’s rare to even see any at a gig in the crowd, let alone on stage.

As such, I’m breaking with “tradition” a bit and including a live video below. Partly as it’s good quality (multiple angles, decent sound, HD) and partly as it shows a crowd at a metal festival in Bangalore. A whole fucking crowd of Indians who love their metal as much as anyone I’ve seen at a UK gig.

I can only assume that the Indian metal fans prefer to support their home-grown talent and fly to India to gigs, because the guys there are certainly well into the song being played.  Seriously, if the Indian sub-continent has any more bands like this kicking around – and given the sheer population of that place, statistically they surely must – then there’s an untapped mine of metal greatness waiting to be unleashed on the world.

Watch the video, completely agree with how right I am and follow them on facebook for more information.

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