New Band of the Day: Xerath

I (Xerath album)
I (Xerath album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Xerath, after a quick search, seems to be something to do with an online MMORPG. This is not that Xerath. This one is a orchestral groove metal foursome from the UK.

Quite often I’ll hear the term “orchestral” or its soulmate “symphonic” and think of slow-paced material. Not so with Xerath who fuse this genre with more extreme metal. Think more Atrocity than Within Temptation. Much more.

The groove element is definitely there as well, which does distinguish them a fair bit from so many other extreme bands.

With two albums out already (I and II – any bets on a third album title?) they’ve got plenty of material to showcase as well. Give ’em a look/listen below and a like on facefart if you think they’re any good.

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