New Band of the Day: …tot aus dem Wald

Dead out of the Woods

That’s “Dead out of the Woods…” according to Google Translate.

Now, I’ve done some weird stuff on here. Bands based around video games. Bands which promote self-harm and murder. Bands which use saxophones and bagpipes.

But this takes the biscuit.

…tot aus dem Wald is a one-man band and that one man is Falk Hummel. He describes the music as “D.I.Y. onemanselfdestructioncore from misanthropic Germany.” Falk plays vocals, guitars, basses, drums, synthesizer, samples, love, hate, pain, joy… As I said, just a bit “out there”.

The one thing I really like about the blurb that Falk sent is the line “…tot aus dem Wald makes music just for himself, maybe just for nothing. If somebody likes the music, that´s really nice. If somebody likes not, that´s nice, too. …tot aus dem Wald doesn’t like anything anyway.” And that’s how it should be. Nobody should tell you what you like, as long as you’re happy with it.

Unless you like Bring Me The Horizon or One Direction in which case I disown you.

Falk has a personal facebook page, but the best place to check out the music is a search on the YouTubes or via his BandCamp page from where you can download his 12-track album for free or any sized donation.

A brief description… it’s a mix of sampled speech, electronic samples, keyboard, distorted guitar, drumbeats and screamed vocals. While I’d not say it’s to my taste, every so often in most of the songs is a little section that makes me listen more closely.

Noisy, bizarre but worth a quick listen. Even if just out of curiosity.

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March 1, 2014 5:06 PM

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