New Band of the Day: Outliar

Outliar - Provoked to Anger
Outliar – Provoked to Anger

Cary. A land famed for its… erm… its… Hang on. Let me check Wikipedia.

OK, famed for being the seventh largest municipality in North Carolina. And third largest in “The Triangle” behind Raleigh and Durham. And home of the SAS Institute (I know people who have jobs because of them).

More importantly, home to a pretty damned impressive metal act in Outliar. They were nice enough to send me a copy of their album Provoked to Anger, which I’m listening to as I type this article up.

They bill themselves as a thrash act, but that’s too throwaway a description. They’re not the kind of band that hinges on the speed aspect of the genre, more on the heaviness with frequent fast-paced sections. There’s plenty of build to many of the tracks before the frenetic parts kick in.

This kind of stuff works well live, as it gives the crowd a chance to push and shove, getting a pit open before *POW*. A prime example is “Faceless Enemy”. About a minute of build, thirty seconds of “go mental”, a break which is more suitable for bouncing and chanting lyrics, a slow build… then start kicking arse again.

Outliar aren’t about playing fast. They’re about playing heavy, and this really keeps things interesting. Hell, they even chuck in a couple of nice, melodic solos. One of them’s apparently by James Murphy (Obituary, amongst other stuff), but I’m not sure which. Hell, who cares – having a legend like him guest on your album is pretty good going.

Look them up on facefart or check out their official page if you prefer. Plenty of links to other places on the web where they’ve got stuff to look at, including the single video below! It’s only the briefest snippet, but the sound is good and it lets you know what they’re like.

Their reverbnation page may be a better bet if you want to check out some full tracks.

Check them out if you’re anywhere near them playing live. I have a feeling they’ll be pretty damn good.

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