New Band of the Day: In the Guise of Men

“Ink” cover

In the Guise of Men got in touch with me through the blog and offered to send me their promo kit, which was really nice of them. It arrived shortly afterwards from somewhere in the darkest metal depth of France. I shall treasure it until they’re really famous then see how much it’s worth on eBay ;)

Seriously – thanks to them and if anyone else wants featured then please do get in touch. It doesn’t have to be a CD in the mail. A pointer to a few tracks on SoundCloud, YouTube or Dropbox is just as good!

ItGoM are slightly hard to categorise. With their arrhythmic sound, I’d be tempted to drop them into the “mathcore” box, but there’s a little bit of  hardcore in there as well plus a dollop of melodic and (dare I say it) just a hint of prog.

Overall, they’re pretty easy to get into – and I say this as a person that doesn’t tend like music that has odd time signatures. I think it’s because these sections come and go rather than every song being an exercise in making impossible to bang your head in time.

Of the six tracks on the CD, I found “Drowner” to be my favourite. It’s slow, heavy, not too arrhythmical and has a good mix of styles throughout. The only song I can find available for you to check out, though, is the almost-as-good “Dog To Man Transposition”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much (anything) on YouTube, so I’m linking to their SoundCloud account for you to have a listen. I’ve gone with the track I just mentioned.

Give it a listen and if you want some more details, you can go to their official page or their facefart one.

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