New Band of the Day: Harvester of Sorrow

Harvester of Sorrow (H.o.S.)

Brutal thrash metal is always a good thing, no matter where it comes from. And Harvester of Sorrow (H.O.S.) are from four towns I’ve never heard of in a country I have – Italy.

Since their formation in 2006, they’ve played quite a number of gigs and recorded their debut album. Their style really harks back to the 80’s, with some cool recorded intros and a simple, classic thrash sound.

The vocals are of the guttural persuasion, while the guitars are a perfect mix of harsh distortion for the rhyth, and squeaky clean for the leads.

Still a young band, but one with plenty of potential. Give them a wave on facefart and see if you can catch them live at one of their many shows.

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