Thursday, November 26, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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New Band of the Day: Death Rides A Horse

Death Rides A Horse (Denmark)

Death Rides A Horse (Denmark)

A huge part of me wants to continue the band name with “…called Binky”. And maybe write the rest of this article IN CAPITALS. But I won’t.

As an aside, while looking them up on facefart, I found two other bands with the same name (one from Sheffield and defunct, the other a “avantgarde-expermental-noise-rap” thing from North Carolina), a film with the same title, and a community called “Death Rides a Girl’s Bike”. Well. Wow.

This particular DRaH are Danish and describe themselves as “very heavy metal”. They have a nice, slow sound harkening back to the original Sabbath days. This time, though, the high-pitched vocals aren’t the result of a drug-addled Ozzy, but a somewhat more attractive Ida Marcussen who takes the Araya role covering bass and singing duties. I am assuming this is not the same Ida Marcussen who Wikipedia tells me is a heptathlete.

She is joined by twin guitars (Jens Hollesen / Kenneth Engelsen) and Anders Madsen on tub-thumping duty.

A sample of their output is below, “For Those About To Die” – the first track from their recently-released¬†Tree of Woe album. There are a couple more tracks from it up on YouTube if you want to soak in a bit more metal.

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