New Band of the Day: Cora Lee

Not actually a band, but a person. But actually a band named after that person. Confused? Good. I can get away with spouting my usual crap, then.

cora-lee-192While covering Thunder and Lightning the other day, I linked to one of their videos featuring a female vocalist called Cora Lee. Who’s she? I thought. They’d named her as a guest so I assumed she’d be someone worth looking at (other than in that way – she is kinda hot as well).

So Cora Lee is a band, fronted by a lady of the same name. Most of the material is written by her and the guitarist. They cover a few genres: Rock, Pop, Melodic Rock, unplugged (Akustik), AOR (according to their facefart “About” page).

Frankly, given that list, it’s really hard to pick out a track that really covers her/their range. I’ve settled for “Rock’n’Roll Megastar” which is nicely silly, has a great chorus and a features a very entertaining video. The others on her/their web page are worth a look as well.

A lot of the tracks in the audio section of the site seem to be acoustic / piano-based ballads. Certainly good for demonstrating vocal talents.

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