New Band of the Day: Clenched Fist

Clenched Fist
Clenched Fist

More Brazilian metal today with battle metal (ish) Clenched Fist. Formed in 2000, they finally released their first album in 2008 and followed it up with their current release (The Gift of Death) in 2012.

Their sound is quite traditional metal, but the subject matter leans towards the battle-y side, hence my vague pigeon-holing. Plenty of marching-band snare drums in the intros to some songs as well.

There’s quite a mix in the songs as well. Some slow, head-noddy numbers (“Medieval Land”) and some all-out stompers (“Burning the Holy Gates”, “Speed Metal Attack”).

It took me a little while to find their facefart page as there are two “People” pages with their name on. The one you want to check out for further information is here.

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