New Band of the Day: Beholder (US)

Beholder (US)

Bugger it. I mentioned them and they’re still active so let’s complete a triumvirate and cover a third Beholder – this time a crew from Southern Illinois in the United States.

Now, I’ll be honest, upon reading the bio on their facefart page I thought “Ah… maybe not”. Because I was duly informed that the band “plans to tour the East and West coasts this coming Fall in hopes of furthering the Kingdom for Christ.” Now, my views on religion are pretty concrete as those who know me are aware (i.e. I’m not exactly a fan).

However, I also wholeheartedly stand up for people’s rights to express their own opinions as long as it’s neither harmful nor shoved down my throat. This group are as entitled to their views as anyone else and good luck to them. I’d certainly much rather give them a plug than, say, a group ranting about white supremacy.

It doesn’t do them any harm in that their music’s pretty damn good, though.

Their bio also mentions that their material “contains stories of personal struggle and redemption that will relate to a wide range of Christians and Non-Christians alike” and I appreciate that. I could only hear two tracks – both on their facefart “Band Page”; one video and one audio. They’re very heavy, but with a mix of the melodic and very easy to listen to.

The video is also on YouTube and linked below. Give it a watch/listen. It’s never going to convert me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not some nice, heavy tune-age which is worth giving your time to.

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