New Band of the Day: Axecuter

Axecuter (2013)
Axecuter (2013)

Ah, one thing I love about the rock/metal scene are the names people come up with for their bands, songs and albums. They don’t get any more stereotypically, metally wonderful than “Axecuter”.

To top it off, their debut album could be a title stolen from Manowar themselves: Metal is Invincible. If the cheese involved in their naming process was a physical reality, we would have two moons. And one of them would stink of unwashed feet.

The good news is that’s the only stinky thing about Axecuter, who set out to prove that their album title is true. The three-piece (Danmented, T-Basstard and Baphometal – I shit you not) blast through nine tracks that hark back to the golden age of the NWOBHM and the slightly thrashier European years afterwards.

Great songs like “No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)”, “Bangers Prevail” and “Keep on Sinning” bring back memories of Venom, Sodom and the like. The production is good, and the slight echo on the vocals immediately brought to mind Sepultura‘s Bestial Devastations EP. Maybe it’s a Brazilian thing.

Simply put, Axecuter are keeping good, old-fashioned metal alive and well. After all… it’s Invincible. Give ’em a like on facefart.

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