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I have a list of around 25 bands waiting to be added to the NBotD roster, but I’m always happy to have more! As long as you’re fine with an indeterminate wait then please do let me know about your band (or your mate’s band, or the one you heard opening for some other bunch down at the pub last week…).

As it happens, I’m off on holiday shortly but I’m aiming to “double-up” my writing so I can schedule plenty of posts for the time I’m away. Normally, I’ll let bands know when the post is up by popping something on their facebook page – often it’s the only way as I’ve found them and don’t have any contact details.

If you do get in touch, once I have a schedule date/time I will be able to let you know when to look for the post so you can put a link to it wherever you like.

Ideally, if you can give me a link to a facebook page and a YouTube video (preferably not a live one, unless the sound is really good) that’d be great. Any other info would be useful, too, if it’s not on the facebook “About” page.

Of course, I’ll happily accept any promo packs, CDs and stuff but I’m more than able to make do with a few mp3s to listen to online. The whole point of this is to make at least a few more people aware of these bands (your band!) so that they will check them out.

Obviously, I don’t give a shit if you’re three albums down the line with a well-known label, have just signed your first deal, or only have two tracks you recorded with money you saved up from your day job stacking shelves in a Bolivian supermarket. This is about getting your name out to a new audience.

I don’t make shit from this page – in fact, aside from my own time, it costs me about £15 a month to host/run it. As you’ll see, there are no adverts. I don’t need bribed (but, hey, if you’re offering…).  I’m doing this because I love hearing new music from new bands who love what they’re doing. If I could make money out of this, I would be a very happy man – but I just can’t see it happening so why try?

Just send all your details (or details of that band you love) to me via the Contact Page. There’s an option in the drop-down for Band of the Day submissions. I will try to get every one of them up there at some point!

Please spread this post around. Let people know. I get anywhere from around 50 to 1500 visitors a day (seriously, it’s all over the shop). “Like” my facebook page, and any posts you see on it to help the number of posts I make gain a wider audience.

It’s all to help bands get heard.

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