New Band of the Day: Týr

Týr (2013, including now-departed drummer)

I picked these ones fairly randomly as I had a mail about them arrive in my inbox and because they’re from the Faroe Isles. I mean, how many metal bands are there from the Faroes? So as well as being a decent viking metal act, they’re also useful for pub quizzes.

The mail was regarding the band’s upcoming seventh album, and I’d never heard of them before. This obviously is not good enough so I set out to rectify my ignorance and headed for their web page, facebook and YouTube.

Bloody glad I did, as well.

With a sound every bit as heavy as fellow horned helmet-wearers Amon Amarth, they have clearer (i.e. non-gutteral) vocals which makes them appreciably different. They also have a touch more of the folk metal sound in there (very apparent on “Sinklars Visa” which also has lyrics in… erm… something not English). From their bio: “Almost every song is based on Faroese or Norwegian lore”, and this is very cool indeed.

I’ve sampled a small number of tracks at random and the variety in their sound is incredible. Definitely a band that’s not afraid to try something a bit different.

My only query is – how do I pronounce their name? Anyone?

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